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April 18, 2005

Jamie Likes SWRC

Quick blurb this morning¹; Jamie Fristrom, designer of Spiderman 2, long-time writer of articles about game development, gamedevblogger, and friend has posted up on his blog his notes on Star Wars: Republic Commando.

I'll have more to say about some of his notes later on in his comments and perhaps here, but for now, thanks, Jamie!

¹Since I'm at work and shouldn't really be posting at all...

Posted by Brett Douville at April 18, 2005 07:04 AM


Ah, so you are the one responsible for the fact that I can't finish Oddworld: Stranger because The Kid is obsessed with SW:RC.

Excellent game -- he is enjoying it tremendously, and is currently beating his dad.

Posted by: Anne at April 19, 2005 10:41 PM

It always warms my heart to hear that someone is enjoying one of the games I worked on. Glad to hear The Boy and The Husband are having a good time; sorry to hear that you don't get to play something else in the meantime.

Posted by: Brett Douville at April 20, 2005 07:57 AM

It's OK -- occasionally I even get to play it, too. :)

It is in The Boy's Top Five Games of All Time.

Posted by: Anne at April 20, 2005 05:36 PM