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September 19, 2009

New Sidebar Follows/Fellows

Just a quick heads up. I don't much talk about my work in this space, because the blog was kind of a way of letting off steam about what I consume and not so much what I create.

In any case, it's shameful that I haven't previously directed folks to two blogs by friends of mine from Day 1 Studios, Kyle Wilson and Adrian Stone.

Kyle has published a number of articles about the architecture of Day 1's Despair Engine, the sorts of trade-offs that they make and why.

Adrian talks about engineering concerns, often with regards to graphics but also general architecture or performance issues. His latest two articles are particularly nice and involve suggestions you can start using today on your own code bases.

In any case, I knew from the time I spent interviewing with these two gentlemen¹ a few years back that I could learn a lot from them, and it was a large part of why I took the job. Anyone else can read their thoughts on coding for games without changing his place of employment.

¹A term I use loosely with respect to Kyle. Kidding! (back)

Posted by Brett Douville at September 19, 2009 10:10 AM