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August 22, 2010


"My Divorce", my art-game follow-up to "The Marriage", has been mentioned a few places -- many thanks to them.

  • Play This Thing has an interesting write-up; the author shares a bit of his own recent relationship past, so it definitely provoked a response¹.

  • Jamie Fristrom gives the game a mention on his blog as well. Jamie was one of my play-testers, and what he says is something he mentioned to me in chat when he was testing² the game. It was a real boost and really encouraged me to release the game.

  • And Raph Koster also makes mention of My Divorce over at his site, apparently picked up from Brenda Brathwaite's retweet of my original "launch" tweet.

Thanks for the mentions. I'm basically finding these either as they show up in my own feeds (or as I occasionally check the feeds). I very much appreciate these, and those of you who have downloaded and are playing the game. Thanks.

¹I admit, it's not the one I was going for, but hey, it's an art game, read it however you want.

²For whatever reason, Jamie turned up a few bugs that other testers (and I) had not. These led to some simple changes to the code that I had done another way mainly due to laziness, so Jamie not only gave me great feedback, he also made me a better programmer.

Posted by Brett Douville at August 22, 2010 06:27 AM