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January 05, 2015

Streaming Mt. Ultima

The Ultima series is one that covers kind of an important era of my life, in terms of game development: the first one came out around the time I was first gaming (the very early 80s, though I didn't actually play the first) and lasting just until I was actually a game developer myself, in the very late nineties.

I didn't play them all, though I have fond memories of hours of puzzling away at III and IV especially, on the Apple ][+ and then later, spending a significant amount of time (including one weekend marathon with a friend) finishing Ultima VII, which needed more horsepower than either of us had at the time. I read the review of Ultima VIII by Scorpia (not kind), and so skipped it. I dabbled with the Ultima Adventures and the Underworld, and I remember playing the demo for Ultima IX when it came out. "Avatar, you can't leave the house without your pants!"

It's a long and storied franchise, and I find it interesting in the various ways it changed over the course of its life.

So, I'm going to stream it all -- I picked them all up on GOG a few months ago. I thought about getting into streaming a wee bit as the end of the year neared, and it really fit the bill -- a series with which I have reasonable (though not exhaustive) familiarity, covering lots of eras of my own programming and gaming background. They also mostly run on a Mac, so while I'm traveling this spring, I should be able to take them on.

I'll skip the grindy bits and try to show the highlights for the most part, sticking to those parts which are illustrative and jumping ahead off-screen.

I hope you'll join me! I'll be on my Twitch channel and keeping an eye on the chat window in the meantime. I'll post back here with my YouTube channel once I've got those up, too, I'll be recording and streaming at the same time for those who miss it.

Posted by Brett Douville at January 5, 2015 07:31 PM