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January 21, 2015

Ultima 1 Complete

I've finished streaming the first of the Ultima games, which features the arch-evil Mondain.

It's a fun game with more systems than I expected when I started out down this path, which is something I talk about in the videos a bit. There are multiple points of view (well, top-down and first-person, but on land and in space). The dungeons are randomly generated at start-up, and you're pushed into going into at least one of them. Combat is certainly somewhat bland, though there are a variety of vector graphic monsters underground and dungeons can be treacherous. There's space travel and real-time space combat. There are quests. There's also a fair amount of grind, no lie, but not nearly as much as in the next two titles.

What I especially liked about it, besides it being pretty system-y, was the reflection of Lord British's interests right there in the game -- clearly, this was a designer who liked a lot of the sorts of things I liked when I was a kid, Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. Seeing that in the games I played then are a large part of why I'm a game developer today, and so I closed out the series talking a little bit about that, how it would be kind of great if there were such games for every sort of interest that young people have, regardless of gender or race or neurotypicality or what-have-you. As a result, we'd have a greater variety of game developers and we'd be able to grow the audience of games significantly.

Anyway, the four videos are linked below. I've started off on Ultima ][ and you can follow that on my YouTube channel.

Episode 1: Manual, character creation, and dungeoning

Episode 2: Transport, getting quests, and exploring the overworld

Episode 3: Space combat and more dying than I was happy with

Episode 4: I return to space briefly and then have an epic final battle with Mondain, with final thoughts

Thanks for watching!

Posted by Brett Douville at January 21, 2015 09:46 AM