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August 13, 2007

Anecdotal Evidence Suggests Review Inflation Starts Young

So, yesterday I took the boys to see Underdog in the theater¹.

Afterwards, over dinner², we had a brief conversation about how the movies we've seen were. I asked them, on a scale of ten, what they thought of the movies we've seen this summer.

Film Scores By Child

Wow. So, our three movies (that we've seen in the last few weeks) are averaging a staggering 9.71 on a ten point scale! Amazing! The quality of the Hollywood movie is apparently reaching new heights!

¹Underdog was obviously not my first choice for myself, it was for them, and appeared vastly superior to Daddy Day Camp, which I've refused. I didn't have any Bergman at home when I came back, so instead I watched a German movie with Franka Potente, reteamed with the director of Run Lola Run. (It's not as good as RLR, but better than Underdog, anyway.) (back)
²Sundays have sort of turned into our dinner and a movie day -- often we'll grab a bite to eat afterwards. This time, we went to the "Café Rio Grande" nearby and I had frog's legs for the first time. A little chewy, but not bad tasting! (back)

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